Who we are

Pars Music has been registered in the England and Wales as Pars Play Ltd #11824342, and has strong commercial partnership with a large number of societies, organisations, establishments, artists and publishers.

The company has effectively participated in the world of international business, marketing, media, advertising, and public relations in order to efficiently introduce human values and long-term ascendancy goals in attempt to fulfil people’s requirements.

Our mission is to maximize the live streaming experience by producing, marketing and selling musical materials to fans via our platforms while enabling the community to develop and improve in our channel.

Pars Music is growing to become the Persian largest music hub. We are dedicated to helping live entertainment fans more easily and quickly find their favourite song, video and information about their favourite artists.

We are constantly rolling out new features to advance our search experience. Many of these are in response to recommendations from fans like you, so if you have a question or comment please let us know.

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